May 21, 2012

Zortam Media Studio is updated

Good day to everyone.

We believe you have noticed that yesterday’s giveaway is still available on the main version of GOTD. The reason for it is a new installation file. Zortam Corporation team has detected and eliminated some bugs, so you are welcome to grab it for another 24 hours (time is ticking and now you have less than 22 hours).

And enjoy our current offer: Wondershare PDF to Word Converter 3.6.0 (English version)

GOTD team

May 5, 2012

Another Mac run

Have you noticed a giveaway for Mac OS users today? If not, let us assure you that there is one available right now on the main GOTD version.

As usually spreading the word among your Apple-addicted friends is highly appreciated: send as email or chat message, share on Facebook, plus one on Google+ or re-tweet on Twitter – no holds barred.

Have a nice weekend!

Thank you for visiting us daily.
GOTD project team

April 24, 2012

Who to trust in the world of giveaways (+inforgraphics)

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of free software offers all over the Internet. Most of those sites do it their own way, trying hard to gain popularity and credibility among the audience. Still there are people wise enough to leave the challenge out. text + graphics

April 20, 2012

Special Security Weekend

All the GOTD community and those new ones who recently joined us,

here is some good news for the upcoming giveaway weekend! The Giveaway of the SecurityKISS Tunnel Jadeite is going to be on for the whole weekend (till 4/22/2012). Thus the security giveaway package is available for download and installation for 3 days in a row, which is indeed a generous offer from the developer.

During the weekend the offer will be featured as second giveaway and be avaliable on the main version only. Make sure not to miss this fortune weekend, download now!

By the way, it also means 2 extra days to try your luck in idea contest. Give some thought to your suggestions to increase your chances to win a 3-year licence for SecurityKISS Premium plan JADEITE.

Best Regards,
GOTD Project Team

April 18, 2012

How to fix SnowFox Photo Collage Maker

Hi GOTD-ers,

here is a tiny Wednesday post about installation problems with SnowFox photo tool. The bug has been fixed and new build is availiable right on the developer’s site. The keycode you have from Sunday’s giveaway is valid.

If your copy of SnowFox Photo Collage Maker returns “Failed to create empty document” on start up and crashes, please redownload the new version from Snowfox software website or here and reinstall the software. It took us some time to figure out what the problem was and for developer to implement the changes. We are really sorry for this problem and hope this message will get you right.

If you still have any problems, please feel free to contact SnowFox Software support team at

Best Regards,
Giveaway of the Day Project team

April 8, 2012

Speed MP3 Downloader is back

Hi there!

We’re here to let you know that Speed MP3 Downloader will be availiable on as rerun on Monday, April 09.

If you feel perplexed, here is the reason for this repeat. As long as the giveaway version stopped working with the lastest update, we (GOTD team and Developer’s side) believe it would be fair to let you grab a copy and inform you about this opportunity in advance. Spread the word and come back to take advantage of this offer!

Please note that Speed MP3 Downloader is going to be published on the main version of GOTD as the second offer of the day.

Thank you for understanding,
Giveaway of the Day project team

March 1, 2012

Tree Notes is now up-to-date

Don’t miss the a chance to get the latest (2.53) version of Tree Notes on Giveaway of the Day.

In case you get used to visit our project on campaigns’ start, please hurry back and grab updated download archive. This new release has a lot to offer in terms of features, and for sure it is the main reason for the increase (almost double) in size of the installation file.

You know we always bring the latest versions here. Though they say the exception proves the rule, Tree Notes wasn’t supposed to be the exception for today.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Take care.

GOTD project team

January 1, 2012

Early spring cleaning!

Dear users (especially social networks fans),

we are planning a major accounts merge that will concern every GOTD visitor, got used to keep up with GOTD news on Facebook. Due to many reasons our project has a triple presentation on this popular social network. You may:

  • have us in your friends list as Giveaway Oftheday (no matter how absurd it is, we do have a personal account there);
  • “Like” our page;
  • be subscribed to GOTD application (and though it seemed to take ages, it is now functioning without a hitch).

Good news first – we leave Facebook application untouched in terms of both content and location. This said, if you once granted it, keep enjoying.

Next thing to be said is that we have been longing for gathering all our fans under one Facebook page for ages (literally). Thanks to Facebook developers, we are now having an excellent window of opportunity that can’t be missed. So from this moment our project’s secluded nook on this great service is:

“Like” it and stay tuned to GOTD offers and news!

Besides, according to Facebook recent changes, this very page will also become a home for our application. Hence if you unsubscribed from it because of unstable work within last several months, feel free to find and re-Like it there.

Meanwhile let’s get down to the merge process itself: how it’s all going to be arranged. Unfortunately, there is no chance we can fetch all of you automatically, so you will have to come and “Like” our brand-new page manually. According to our most optimistic views it should take a week (or two – depending on your eagerness to help us in speeding up this important transfer). We stop supporting (apart from tweets maybe) as-a-person-page and an old project page now and close them in two weeks.

In case we see you need more time – we’ll give it. No doubt. But initial plan is as described above. :)

We wanna hope that it’s great news as Facebook matters! In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding GOTD Facebook accounts or doubt, whether you need or not to re-subscribe, please feel free to submit your comment right here.

FYI: our Twitter account remains the same. No moves here! ;)

Have a nice day, wherever you are!
GOTD project team

December 31, 2011

New Year parade

Happy Holidays to all the GOTD users and bypassers! Happy New Year!

It’s no secret we treat giveaway users with our traditional “The Best of” re-runs. Good news, guys! We did everything to get the highlights of 2011 at the same time this year as well. Starting January 2 we are holding our annual parade of the most worthy software of 2011. We insist that you get your laptops ready as it gonna be damn hot!

We’ve chosen a baker’s dozen of real hits, but still we can’t give you the names of those (nobody here wants to spoil the surprise). Except for quite a few names of developers. Engelmann, Paragon Software, Bitsum Technologies, Wondershare and others are going to take the floor one day each.

Well, that’s only half of the story. We are preparing the ground for a royal gift in the middle of January. “Any” Office fans better start anticipating right now. ;)

Since New Year is a holiday when dreams come true we are eager to try and bring to life some of your sacred software dreams. So think it over thoroughly and tell us what you wish to get from Giveaway in 2012. Post it either here as a comment or on Forum (which is open 24/7, by the way). :)

Warm regards,
Giveaway of the Day project team.

December 27, 2011

X-Mas Mac from Easeus

Easeus are great at partition managing and backup solutions for Windows. That’s something we have been making sure of for years. And, who knows, maybe the team is working on a new all-mighty tool at the time.

Meanwhile they are happy to share their hot utility for Mac with GOTD users. Today you have a chance to get yourself a copy of MacCleaning Pro (aka CleanGenius Pro in Mac App Store).

Though Easeus team are quite new to Mac OS, their dedication to carefully-created gems for Windows makes us think Mac product range is really promising. So don’t miss (and spread the word)! ;)

Happy Holidays and giveaways!
GOTD team

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