November 28, 2013

The Importance of Being Grateful

thanksgivingPeople are never fully satisfied with anything. We just want more, we wish everything could be better (or at least different), dreaming of Summer in Winter and freezing under conditioners on hot sunny days. To think of it this is one of the reasons we did not get stuck in the middle of the Stone Age, but on the other hand this trait leaves us with too many things we take for granted. That’s why we still need Thanksgiving Day – to remind us to say thanks for stuff that matters, to people that help us moving forward no matter what. Will you let us start right now? :)

First of all we are more than grateful to have our loyal users and chance visitors as your existence alone floats the boat named GOTD. Thanks for coming to our website daily, downloading our offers and sharing you feedback, in spite of the fact that we can be far from perfect from time to time. Secondly we are thankful to all the developers for not being afraid to be criticized by our experts – you are our heroes. Finally let us thank GOTD team members for keeping giveaways coming – we wish you knew how much it takes sometimes.

Have fun and remember to be grateful! ;)

Best regards,
GOTD team

November 8, 2013

Zortam Media Studio Rerun

Dear users,

please note that today we are repeating Zortam Mp3 media Studio Pro on GOTD in English. All the problems you might encounter during the Sunday’s campaign have been fixed, so please update the version on your side.

Have a nice day!
GOTD team

October 31, 2013

Your comment has a chance to grab it!


As a part of their Halloween campaign, Leawo team are happy to offer $100 Amazon Gift Cards to authors of five best comments or suggestions for today’s Leawo iOS Data Recovery giveaway! Both GOTD comment section and Idea Informer widget are taken into consideration.

Before submitting make sure that your feedback matches the following criteria:

  1. Genuine and objective, no matter it is good, bad or something in between;
  2. Product-related and as detailed as possible;
  3. Constructive, helpful for our future version improvement;
  4. Feature request or wish list.

Explore the app and try your luck now!

Happy Halloween!
GOTD and Leawo teams

October 22, 2013

Meet CollageBerry by ArtenSoft team (+1 credit is granted)!

Artensoft team is one of the most popular vendors on GOTD, known for their collage/mosaic makers and high-rated Tilt Shift generator. At the moment they are ready to present new service, set up to give everyone the ability to create amazing mosaic collages on-line. Meet CollageBerry – a fun way to compile all your photo memories into a piece of art with no additional software installed on your PC.

Whether you want to remember a special trip with your loved ones or you’d like to give grandma a Christmas collage made of pictures from your kids’ party, CollageBerry is for you. This tool allows its users to upload lots of photos to turn them into one big picture in one click. It’s an easy way to generate meaningful photo-gifts to e-mail to family and friends in no time.

You can also print the collages out to decorate your home or frame them for gifts. Use them in the office, or even as advertisement for your business! Great for community events, concerts, or dorm room decorations.

CollageBerry lets you generate as many collages as you want free of charge, offering you to download successful results in high quality for credits (1 download for 1 credit). As an option it is possible to order a printed version with delivery from the Developer.

To celebrate this launch Artensoft team offers special coupon code worth 1 FREE credit to all GOTD users: “COLLAGEBERRY.COM-COUPON-U0C9CEI1W-YAA1DSR7U”.
You can activate it here.

Have fun!
GOTD and Artensoft

October 22, 2013

WonderFox is back with DVD Video Converter 4.8

Hi there!

Do you remember we gave away WonderFox DVD Video Converter 4.7.1 more than a week ago? There were some issues with the program you submitted and developers took some time to fix them. Now DVD Video Converter is back, revised and updated to version 4.8. Don’t miss the rerun on GOTD in English (in case you browse in other languages, use the drop-down flag menu to switch to English).
Click here for the list of fixes!

September 1, 2013

Bye Bye Summer!

So guys, this Summer has gone.

We bet you see it not only in your calendar, but also start noticing those small seasonal changes around you. Besides there is always a couple of friends keep reminding you Autumn is almost here.

On the one hand it is upsetting since days become colder and less brighter. On the other hand there is a period most of us are looking forward to – when colorful Autumn leaves are all around. We believe it’s stunning and gives us another chance to enjoy beautiful changes in nature, morning coffee in front of the window and 101 other things. This said the best advise we can give is to live here and now and leave your broken summer expectations (if there were any) behind.

Happy autumn! We hope you will take the best of it!

ps: we know the Spring has arrived for the other part of the World. For you Summer joys are yet to come. Still, if you are romantic enough to love Autumn you can let a piece of it come to your PC for a while with today’s giveaway offer.

Best regards,
GOTD team

August 20, 2013

Blaze Video Magic Ultimate is back

Dear users,

please visit GOTD in English to get another chance to register Blaze Video Magic Ultimate. The activation page is now working just fine and will remain available while Cool Timer Deluxe’s campaign is running.

There was an issue with activation page on Sunday, August 18. It was not fixed at once and it took some time to reach the Developer and agree on the rerun.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy our giveaways!

Best regards,
GOTD team

July 20, 2013

Where has Longo Blu-ray Copy gone?

Dear users,

as you see we had to quit the promotion of Longo Blu-ray Copy due to problems with registration. Unfortunately there is still no answer from the Developer.

We won’t leave you without giveaway though. At the moment ApHeMo 2.5 by KC Softwares is already available on all versions of GOTD. And don’t forget about a game of the day, today it’s Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power by Playrix!

We deeply apologize for the inconveniences and wish you a nice weekend!

GOTD project team

June 19, 2013

To SliceMaker users: pay attention!

Hello everybody!

Good news for those who downloaded and installed SliceMaker during the Giveaway day but suddenly faced a bug. Some of you started receiving an error saying “You are on day XXX of your 7 day evaluation period. Your trial periods is expired!”. We are hasted to let you know that this bug was successfully fixed by the Developer and now you have an opportunity to re-download SliceMaker Standard version. more

May 29, 2013

News on Ashampoo download

Dear users,

we are deeply sorry for the unexpected problems that occurred during today’s giveaway of Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 1.0.1. Still there is also some good news. If you could not complete the download today, on May 29, make sure to visit GOTD main page tomorrow, on Thursday, May 30. The offer will remain available as the second giveaway of the day on GOTD’s main page (aka GOTD in English).

Please note that Ashampoo team has uploaded all necessary materials to the servers (we have managed to complete the download on several of our test PCs), but even their servers can hardly cope the load properly with a 1GB file. So please keep trying.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day!
GOTD project team

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