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November 26, 2015

Thank you, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! Today we would like to say thank you once again for all the support and in-depth comments you gave us; thank you for being concerned about the project, we really appreciate that! We listened to each and every opinion, so you may rest assured, we will do the best we can to equal the hopes.

By the way, are you ready for Black Friday sales? Just make sure to check back here, as our deals are always 100% free of charge, and this is the one thing that won’t change, that’s for sure. Moreover, we will be having even more software to share with you, pretty soon. But you’ll see that for yourself ;) Meanwhile, you can enjoy the latest version of Driver Magician brought to us by GoldSolution Software.


Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

Always yours

GOTD team.


October 30, 2015

Comments Section Update

Dear users!

We are glad to announce that we are now updating our comments section to make the process of communication more open, convenient and constructive. From now on, you will be able to express your opinion on the software given away by logging in to your Facebook account. We do hope this update will help you find new friends here on GOTD and will eventually open new opportunities for closer collaboration.

You can also leave comments without logging in to your Facebook account. The old comment submission form can be found below the post, as usual. So the choice is still up to you ;)

Please note, that all the comments are still subject to moderation and our policy remains the same (for more information see Comments Moderation Policy in our FAQ).


Always yours

GOTD team.

September 30, 2015

Giveaway of the Day Rebirth

Dear users and developers, we are glad to announce that the design of our website was revamped to make the service more pleasant for those who are familiar with the project and make the idea behind it clearer to the new users. You might have also noticed a couple of new things we added to the interface, like the voting poll, e-mail subscription and giveaway archives. And there are more features coming in the future.

How do you like our new design? What features would you like to add? Feel free to share your opinion and ideas in comments, and don’t forget to download our latest giveaway.

We do hope you will enjoy the upcoming changes and continue contributing to our project with your valuable comments and feedback. Thanks for staying with us!

Always yours,
GOTD team

September 28, 2015

Reap the Autumn wallpaper giveaway!

Summer has passed, the nights are becoming longer, darker, and it’s getting colder day by day. Nevertheless, before the lakes get covered with the first thin crust, we still have a couple of days to enjoy the last warm rays of sun. Be careful though, as there is nothing more deceptive like the autumn sun; it may be warm and cheerful outside and at an instant it may start pouring down. So keep yourself healthy for the upcoming holidays and make sure to download our current giveaway – Wise Care 365 Pro will take care of your computer’s health regardless of the season.

We’ve also prepared a set of wallpapers with a small bit of coziness for your desktop that will help you stay cheerful even during the rainiest days of the fall. This time it’s all about pumpkins, colorful leaves and hot mugs of coffee. You are welcome to download the new wallpapers by right clicking on the corresponding resolution and selecting “Save as”

Stay tuned, as we’ve got much more software and news to share with you!





Always yours,
GOTD team

July 2, 2015

Relax and Have a Summer Break

Hello everybody! Missed us? We surely missed you, as it’s been a long time since we last posted to our blog. Nevertheless, summer is here and you all know what that means.

By the way, have you packed your swimsuits, sunscreens and towels? Or maybe you are already on the seaside and decided to check out how things are going here on GOTD while enjoying a cocktail? Even if you are burning yourself out at work (as we do), and are not planning to spend your vacation on the beach, there is no reason to be gloomy! The weather outside is wonderful and there are plenty of things to do after a hard workday. Like blowing soap bubbles! Why not? It’s a good idea to sink into dotage once in a while.

This summer is going to be hot, so we decided to add some fresh air to your desktop and give away the awesome wallpapers that you can find in the end of this post. Wonder why it took us so long? Well, we were busy blowing bubbles. Of course I’m joking, the work is never done on GOTD, and we do our best to provide you with high quality software. Hopefully, we will be able to share more information soon, as Giveaway Of The Day is about to become even better! So stay tuned ;)

Meanwhile, you can grab the fresh pack of summer wallpapers by clicking on the link with the most suitable resolution and pressing “Save As”

We wish you a pleasant summer!

Always yours,

March 10, 2015

Rejoice, It’s Springtime!

It’s been a long winter, right, folks? Not that it was longer than all the previous ones, yet have you ever noticed that winter always seems to be the longest season? Maybe the cold weather even makes time go slower. Whatever the reason, the cold grab of winter has finally faded away, and as the remains of snow turn into water and reflect the bright blue sky with feathery clouds, spring awakens the nature from its slumber.

So it’s high time you woke up too and made your desktop a bit brighter! But don’t worry, there’s no need to restlessly surf the Web in search of a matching picture, as we have prepared some neat wallpapers to add cheerfulness to your desktop. Just sit back, click on the desired resolution and press “Save As.” Hope you like it ;)

Always yours,

February 13, 2015

Love is in the air

The winter is still far from the end, but it’s already getting warmer and warmer each day. And tomorrow is the “springiest” day of winter, as it is the time for confessions, time for kisses, time for people all around the globe to forget about their daily worries and completely devote themselves to love – it’s St. Valentine’s day.

St. Valentine was a Roman priest, who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius and helped to unite the loving hearts of young couples in spite of the cruel law that prohibited marriages. On this glorious holiday we would like to wish happiness and understanding to all of you, as there is nothing that can stop the power of love. And if you haven’t yet found your soulmate, or had no time or courage to express your feelings, then tomorrow will be a perfect day for this.

Just to help you out a bit, we and PearlMountain have decided to present you a small gift a day before St.Valentine’s. Picture Collage Maker will help Win and Mac users to create sweet photo collages and postcards to send to the ones you love. We wish you a really pleasant weekend! Spread love!



Always yours,

January 30, 2015

Start Menu X Rerun is on the way

We know how frustrating it might be when you download a piece of software and can’t get it activated. Unfortunately, that was exactly the case of Start Menu X. We are very sorry for the inconveniences, but sometimes things just get too complicated.

Nevertheless, OrdinarySoft kindly agreed to provide us with a completely activated version of Start Menu X and we will be glad to share it with you. The rerun will start on Saturday (31.01) at 8 a. m. as usual. So, if you missed the opportunity to register the software, you will be able to grab it tomorrow within 24 hours. As we’ve already mentioned, the software will be fully activated, so there will be no need to register it.

That’s it for now and thanks again for staying with us!

Always yours,

GOTD Team 

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho, dear users and anyone who came across our blog. You know for what reason we are back here. It is the time when every little thing seems so important, when the snowflakes look bigger and whiter, when all the streets are flooded with cheerful light and when the air itself seems so very special. We would like to wish you happy holidays and loads of positive emotions in the coming year! In turn, we will try to make 2015 richer with brand new software titles.

We hope you were good boys and girls and got what you wanted this Christmas. Naturally, we do not have the Santa’s resources, but we did prepared a gift for you. These wallpapers will add some Christmas spirit to your desktop. So, grab yourself a copy of the special holiday wallpapers in the right resolution and share the cheer of these fairy Christmas characters!



Just don’t get too, ehm, busy during the holidays as, following the good old tradition, we’ve prepared a series of reruns featuring the most popular software titles of the year. Stay tuned as this New Year session is going to be a long one ;) Once again, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Always yours,
GOTD team

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello there, people! It’s Thanksgiving today, so you’ve probably got yourself a turkey or two. This year we had a nice software harvest, so we’ve been mostly busy looking for something to ‘give’ and never had an opportunity to ‘thank’ you for staying with us.

But not doing it today would be a real crime, so we would like to use this opportunity and say thank you to all our users for the detailed reviews, comments, feedback and the overall contribution that all of you make to help us become better. We also would like to thank all the developers for their participation, hard work and desire to share their products! Thanks to them we have this wonderful opportunity to provide you with brand new pieces of software every day. We also prepared a small gift which you, probably, have already noticed. As you can see, our comments section was slightly changed, allowing you to reply to messages in a more convenient manner. We do hope that this feature will make your communication even more effective and friendly. That’s it for now. Happy Thanksgiving and don’t miss another gift from Leawo Software!

Always yours,
GOTD team

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