May 10, 2016

A message from KC Softwares

Dear users,

Following the feedback from GAOTD users, KC Softwares has released 2 emergency hotfixes for 2 software that were proposed by GiveAwayOfTheDay this month:

– KCleaner v3.0 has been updated to v3.0.1. This hotfixes fixes a crash while scanning Java cache data and provides significant performance improvement and more temp files being detected in Java cache.

– AVIToolbox v2.4.5 has been updated to v2.4.6, which files the “unable to load file” popup when user tried to open an AVI file from the shell menu rather than using drag’n’drop.

In both case, licence codes offered during the giveaway are still valid!!! So the update is absolutely free of charge!

Note: AVIToolbox update may require the code to be typed again

Download links available from

Many thanks to GAOTD users for their fruitful feedback!

Always yours,

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