September 28, 2015

Reap the Autumn wallpaper giveaway!

Summer has passed, the nights are becoming longer, darker, and it’s getting colder day by day. Nevertheless, before the lakes get covered with the first thin crust, we still have a couple of days to enjoy the last warm rays of sun. Be careful though, as there is nothing more deceptive like the autumn sun; it may be warm and cheerful outside and at an instant it may start pouring down. So keep yourself healthy for the upcoming holidays and make sure to download our current giveaway – Wise Care 365 Pro will take care of your computer’s health regardless of the season.

We’ve also prepared a set of wallpapers with a small bit of coziness for your desktop that will help you stay cheerful even during the rainiest days of the fall. This time it’s all about pumpkins, colorful leaves and hot mugs of coffee. You are welcome to download the new wallpapers by right clicking on the corresponding resolution and selecting “Save as”

Stay tuned, as we’ve got much more software and news to share with you!





Always yours,
GOTD team

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