August 22, 2012

GOTD wrapper is updated

UPDATE (August 22, 2012): we have modified the wrapper and added digital signature. It should definitely solve the problem for Agnitum Outpost Security.

While being trusted by Microsoft and other security tools, the signature is currently not accepted by AVG. Hopefully they will fix this glitch soon. In case you trust us, please disable the protection for a while (according to our tests it should be enough, no uninstall is needed).

For Norton disabling Firewall only should work in most cases. We’ve also contacted Symantec and are waiting for being “white listed”.

PS: starting now an extra .GCD file is included in every download archive. It is essential for correct installation and activation. If you experience any difficulties, please make sure to extract all files in a separate folder before start.

UPDATE (July 06, 2012): the wrapper was tweaked in accordance with feedback received from users. This update addresses performance issues and should prevent occasional crashes under XP.
UPDATE (July 17, 2012): Themida team has solved the problem with IObit Malware Fighter.

It is not a secret that we use a special program (also known as GOTD wrapper) to protect installation package from usage after the giveaway day is over. Unfortunately the version we were using during previous years was not a perfect solution, which made it liable to be cracked by advanced IT experts.

While it generally made no difference to GOTD users, many vendors had to make registration procedure a tricky thing in attempts to protect their interests. So can we blame them for overwhelming number of on-line activations?

This said improving wrapper was a matter of time (as well as of the reputation of our project). And it is ready to meet the world now. The protection is a kind of double. On the one hand we applied a newer algorithm, on the other hand we included special protection program Themida. Due to those updates the installation can take more time, depending on the configuration of your PC.

Our team gave it a rigid test on many computers with different Windows operation systems, however we think that some users can still face difficulties one time or another. We will appreciate it if you could submit any issue you encounter and include the following details in your message:

  • description of the problem;
  • content of the error message you get (if there is any) and the moment it appears;
  • OS you use (including x32 or x64);
  • security applications you have on your machine (anti-virus/ firewall/ monitoring systems).

Please leave feedback as comments to this post. In case you are not happy about sharing this information here, please feel free to use GOTD contact form. To help your letter reach us quicker add the following subject: “Problem with GOTD installation”.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your feedback in advance.

GOTD team

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