January 1, 2012

Early spring cleaning!

Dear users (especially social networks fans),

we are planning a major accounts merge that will concern every GOTD visitor, got used to keep up with GOTD news on Facebook. Due to many reasons our project has a triple presentation on this popular social network. You may:

  • have us in your friends list as Giveaway Oftheday (no matter how absurd it is, we do have a personal account there);
  • “Like” our page;
  • be subscribed to GOTD application (and though it seemed to take ages, it is now functioning without a hitch).

Good news first – we leave Facebook application untouched in terms of both content and location. This said, if you once granted it, keep enjoying.

Next thing to be said is that we have been longing for gathering all our fans under one Facebook page for ages (literally). Thanks to Facebook developers, we are now having an excellent window of opportunity that can’t be missed. So from this moment our project’s secluded nook on this great service is:

“Like” it and stay tuned to GOTD offers and news!

Besides, according to Facebook recent changes, this very page will also become a home for our application. Hence if you unsubscribed from it because of unstable work within last several months, feel free to find and re-Like it there.

Meanwhile let’s get down to the merge process itself: how it’s all going to be arranged. Unfortunately, there is no chance we can fetch all of you automatically, so you will have to come and “Like” our brand-new page manually. According to our most optimistic views it should take a week (or two – depending on your eagerness to help us in speeding up this important transfer). We stop supporting (apart from tweets maybe) as-a-person-page and an old project page now and close them in two weeks.

In case we see you need more time – we’ll give it. No doubt. But initial plan is as described above. :)

We wanna hope that it’s great news as Facebook matters! In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding GOTD Facebook accounts or doubt, whether you need or not to re-subscribe, please feel free to submit your comment right here.

FYI: our Twitter account remains the same. No moves here! ;)

Have a nice day, wherever you are!
GOTD project team

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