August 26, 2012

iCare Recovery rerun

Dear everybody,

though it was already agreed and announced via social networks on Friday, we would like to also remind you about the rerun in the Blog.

If you one of those several hundred users, who could not register iCare Card Recovery Pro on Thursday, August 23, still want the application badly, make sure to visit GOTD main page on Monday, August 27. The post will go live as the second offer, so please scroll down.

Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice weekend.

GOTD team


  1. I still have the program installed, but I got the serial registration fails. Need or other serial or instructions to register.

  2. same here–wouldnt register

    Comment by J Brown — September 3rd, 2012 at 12:09 pm
  3. I went ahead and Installed the new Icare program what a useless program it does not work it did not even register the product. Worse yet that installation Broke the original program that I have installed from GAOTD and that was the Icare Data Recovery Software from 2010

    I Installed this USB Memory Card Software and now none of the original ICARE software that I have installed from a couple of years ago works.. Worse yet now not a single one of the 3 different ICare programs I down loaded and installed from GAOTD work.

    They are all asking for a new serial number!!! Not a single one of them will roll back or accept the original Serials that I have.

    When I try to repair the program using the original Serial that I have it tells me that it has expired and I must reinstall the program it will not let me roll back or recover the program prior to this install

    I am very angry at GAOTD And to ICARE for this gigantic muck up.

    And to make maters even worse the new software that I installed never registered and now it also does not work.. talk about a useless company and program…

    I will pay Eausus and buy there recovery product before I will ever give a single farthing to ICare …

    If they want to stop me from using the old software they should never have given it away on GAOTD in the first place.. I feel like I have been robbed of a useful program on purpose by a less than scrupulous company..

    GET Bent ICARE

    Rick Frog

    Comment by Rick Frog — September 14th, 2012 at 1:18 am
  4. This is a good recovery software. Using it since many years. Appreciate the update. Its a keeper defiantly. Not often happen to lost files but if then this recovery software makes the job very well and it is not big in file size where others need 10 times and much more space on disk with worse results by the recovery process.

    Comment by ChRiS — September 30th, 2012 at 8:11 am
  5. To fix your problem first uninstall the software and then use a registry cleaning software to clean up missing or broken links or do it by hand using regedit. By using regedit. Go start, click on run and type in regedit and then press enter. Once in the registry editor select “Edit”, scroll down to “Find”, the “Find What” menu pops up and enter the ICare and delete every line associated with the program. Do the Same for GAOTD and delete any reference to the program. Once you’re done restart your computer then install if the original program that work. I hope this help you out, remember to backup your drive first before you attempt to using regedit (Casper is excellent program for your backup). Once this works, backup up your system once again with the best working copy of your computer…store it safely on another separate drive and not on a partition.

    Comment by Ted — October 6th, 2012 at 12:06 pm

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