May 13, 2009

Giveaway Notifications Late Delivery

Dear Users!

In past few weeks we’ve received enormous number of emails regarding one problem – late notifications delivery. We’re aware of this problem, but can’t really deal with it… You see e-mail notifications service works through the that belongs to Google. Thus we can’t control it, ensure its accurate work and guarantee perfect timing.

If e-mail notifications is the only convenient way for you to get the latest information on our giveaways, we can advise you to reactivate your subscription the following way:

  1. deactivate it using the “unsubscribe now” link from one of the Giveaway of the Day letters;
  2. after that you can try to subscribe again using the link from the site – as you did before.

Please note that there are other (more reliable) ways to be informed about new giveaways:

  • RSS Feed (for software as well as for comments)
  • our ticker on your web-site
  • Twitter
  • or you can simply check our web-site once a day ;) We are always glad to see you at!

All additional information you can find in the right column of our site and in the Spread the Word section.

Giveaway Of The Day project team


  1. I was also receiving the emails from GOTD late.That’s why? I don’t want to complain,I just want you will do better.

  2. Thank you for all those great offers! Only a pity that since a week I am not receiving e-mail at all. I tried a different e-mailadres from a different provider, but that did not work either. Off course I can use rss-feed, but I hope you have a solution for the e-mailproblem.
    Greetings, Angela

    Comment by Angela — August 25th, 2009 at 2:59 am
  3. I, like many others, have been deeply frustrated by GOTD notification emails serially arriving the day after the offer. That wastes my time. It engages my interest in the products – then disappoints. I come away feeling negative about GOTD and the vendors’ products. That means I am LESS likely to be attracted to buy.

    I really don’t want that dose of disappointment several times a week. Please unsubscribe me permanently. I have other calls on my time.

    Comment by bilbo — October 1st, 2009 at 5:00 am

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