November 24, 2011

Giving away Thanks!

Hey there!

We wanted to drop a few lines to congratulate all of you on Thanksgiving Day and to wish you happiness, wealth and luck! What else can we say but “Thank you for being one of the most important parts of Giveaway of the Day project“?

Good luck and good celebrations! Still try not to spend the entire day eating… :)

Meanwhile you can get a batch modification of InPaint called (unexpectedly) BatchInpaint. And hope you know that we and Ad Muncher extended the giveaway period for this nifty piece of software for 24 hours on the main version. Make sure you don’t miss it and don’t hesitate to pass this valuable information along!

Happy Thanksgiving!
GOTD project team

November 23, 2011

Ad Muncher is on for another day

Hello everybody.

It’s been a hard day for us (GOTD users as well as GOTD team members) and for Ad Muncher team. They expected high interest in the product, but their server failed to cope with so many activations. Please accept our and Mr. Hurps’ apologies for the case.

Now we have the problem sorted out, and here is what you should do to get your copy of Ad Muncher Basic registered:

  • Download the installer from GOTD page.
  • Get your reading glasses on and look through the readme.txt file to find the URL included.
  • Copy the link to your browser and wait for the magic form to appear.
  • Enter and submit your details.
  • Your data will then be saved on Ad Muncher server.
  • Your license will be dispatched via email at the end of the promotion.
  • The name/code included in the email should then be entered into Ad Muncher.

Considering this make sure to submit your data BEFORE the end of giveaway to get the key. And we extended the campaign, so you will be having another 24 hours for it.

Please go ahead and let your friends know – Ad Muncher is not likely to happen anywhere for free soon! ;)

Thank you,
GOTD project team

November 18, 2011

Register Paragon B&R 11 Compact

Hello to everybody!

We are doing our best to correct mistakes. And we are happy that Paragon Software are at one with us. Considering that registration server was unreachable for several hours during the latest giveaway, they decided to provide extra 24 hours for our users to activate their copies.

To make the long story short, the installation and activation is available right here, today (November 18) and during usual giveaway hours. Please don’t miss!

Please note that Paragon Software does not provide any support for this giveaway. The description for the application is available on Wednesday’s page. In case you have any questions, please feel free to look through the comments for this very post – we believe Paragon Software covered all matters there.

You can also follow the differences between Compact and Home versions on this page.

Have a nice day! :)

Best regards,
GOTD and Paragon Software

November 9, 2011

How to activate Mirolit Halotea

Dear users,

we are really sorry for today’s problem with registration. Still all is well that ends well, and we are now happy to inform you that the issue is solved.

This said, if you belong to those unlucky, unable to register the application, you can hurry back to the Mirolit Halotea GOTD page and grab it for yourself (and ask to do the same a couple of friends of course). ;)

There is only one unpleasant thing – you will have to re-download the whole archive (which is 54.7 MB) to get it. Anyway we believe it is totally worth it.

Yours sincerely,
GOTD project team

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